African Kikoy

250.00 ZAR
African Kikoy – Various Colours In Stock

African Kikoy – Various Colours

The African Kikoy is unique in design and loved worldwide for their diversity in colour and pattern. They are mostly used as beach towels but can also be worn as scarves or body wraps/dresses/skirts. The Kikoy range is available upon request in various colours – there are a million options, thats why we’ve selected our favourites, see images below. If you’d like to have another colour option of your African Kikoy, please email us your preference and we’ll try to match it!

The edges are loose on both ends.
Material: 100% cotton
Standard Size: 175 x 105 cm


Price: 250.00 ZAR
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950.00 ZAR
KIKOY – Oversized In Stock

KIKOY – Oversized

This navy blue Kikoy with a red striped edge is ideal as bed throws or pick-nick blanket! The tassels are knotted on both sides. Size: 220 x 200 cm – Available in multiple colours on request.


Price: 950.00 ZAR
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KIKOY – Towel Sold Out

KIKOY – Towel

These Kikoy’s are used as a beach or bathroom towels. They are double sided – one side is a standard kikoy fabric and the other is a towel – 100% cotton and water absorption. Colour: warm red with blue and purple stripes on the edge. Available in multiple colours upon request.

The edges are knotted on both ends. Size: 120 x 90 cm


Price: 450.00 ZAR